Friday, March 16, 2007

I guess this is it, I am making the "packing entry." That's right, I have two suitcases which, as I write, are sitting-one empty one mostly full-in my room next to piles of clothes and miscellaneous things competing for the chance to come with me. Packing is not nearly as hard as I imagined. I have plently of room for everything I am bringing-if only I could make some space for a guitar. C'est la vie. I think I may have to buy one in Japan which shouldn't be too hard considering I will be living next to the city where Yamaha was born.
This last week or two seems to have passed at speeds much faster than the average week. Strange that when I have been trying hard to take everything in that time should go faster. It occured to me the other day as Josh, Justin, Jamie, and I were walking back from a epic game of frisbee at an elementary school that it was to be my last Wednesday before leaving. I tried to hold on to it in case I am asked what Wednesdays are like I can say confidently, "Wednesdays-oh man, they're great. The sun doesn't set till past seven. Everyone has picnics and sometimes we throw some dice. By the end of a Wednesday, you ar e exausted but it is an exaustion you are glad you have."
Gotta go figure out what Fridays are like-

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Logos Mori said...

Matt! Best of luck! Please make lists of the "string of cultural faux pas" and post them -- you will be able to laugh at them later, and better yet, we will get to laugh at you now from across the pond.

Please please please post your snail mail address when you know it! I think some kids at 826 will want to drop you a line.



(p.s. stay away from the fugu!!)