Thursday, January 17, 2008

  I invented a great little activity yesterday. Great in many ways actually: It gives students the opportunity to speak, listen to, and write English. It requires actual thought and expression of said original thought in English, rather than the sadly standard regurgitation. The students love the element of competition. And, most importantly, it elicited this response to why New York City might be famous:

"It has a free she god." And
"Freedam gad is in there." And
"It has free Venus."

You got it yet? No? That would be The Statue of Liberty. I actually am pretty pleased with it because this is exactly the kind of English practice they don't usually get. Making combinations of related words when you don't know the exact word or phrase is an important skill which Japanese students can often be too shy (or just lacking in opportunity) to practice. Accordingly, and because it may just be a better name for her, the first of the above sentences got the points.

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