Tuesday, April 03, 2007

It's actually quite spacious, if sparsely decorated. The bathroom is an enlarged plastic doll house commode but besides that its pretty okay. The one-burner set-up isn't that great since I am only able to cook one thing at a time. Luckily I bought a toaster oven which, oddly enough, is called a pizza oven here.
I have been trying to cook japanese style food(ryori) and been doing pretty good I think. Miso with tofu-the tofu here is delicious, it actually tastes like some sort of food-Udon-this fried and pressed tofu stuff-rice. I had to consult with the grocery store worker to find out what miso to get and what sauce for the udon, etc. Next step is fish, which is super cheap here.


Justin S. said...

One burner and a pizza oven, sounds like you've got it made. It looks like all you need is a plant and a bookshelf and you can really call it home.

Justin S. said...

I found your plant, so you that's checked off.

Anonymous said...

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