Sunday, April 08, 2007

Japanese maps are even harder to read than their english counterparts.

I decided to ride my bike to this mountain called awagatake but I sorta only knew what direction it lay in. So, in high spirits, I bought some ice tea-horrible stuff, turned out-and headed off. I am not sure I made it or not. I did go for a hike up this peak where, once you reached the top, you looked out over all these wheat colored trees and cherry blossoms. When I turned around to leave I realized that part of the peak was elevated a bit further and there was a small clearing where an old shrine rose, serenely from the ground. All in all it was a lovely trip.


Justin S. said...

The best way to find your way is to first get lost.

Alex Allred said...

How cool is it that you are there?! I love these photos. Please keep posting. We are looking forward to a postcard to the 826 kids. Also, if you would like some mail, post your mailing address and we see if any kids want to write you a letter.