Thursday, July 26, 2007

In the crook of the mountain
the city lights blur,
below, struggling galaxies.



Duffy said...

Dearest Nephew,
I just got a look at your blog and enjoyed reading some of it--don't have time right now to read it all but I am amused by the descriptions so far! The t shirts from Japan are a huge laugh. aunt Dede sent us some when the boys were little. One said Gleaming Bobson, Hope gleamed in their eyes! Funny. Eva got dropped off at Princeton two days ago. leon Craig and I all start the teaching year this week. Isaac starts his job as a financial analyst for an actuarial company in Jersey City- a town right across the river from Manahattan. He is also playing guitar and writiung songs alot lately.
Hope we see you this year sometime and best of luck there! It is exciting to think that Mara starts college soon and that your parents are going to get away to their beloved Hawaii. Much love and kisses, Aunt Duffy

Matt said...

Thanks dear aunt-sentiment returned.