Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Tropical Ointment

I live on a tropical island - i mean, technically - but before you conjure up visions of sparkling white sand beaches, drinks with umbrellas, blue oceans, and palm trees let me set the record straight. This is the other tropical, the un-sought out one. This version is characterized by a choking heat that never dissipates and leaves the air so moist you often find yourself unsure whether you toweled off after your showers. (on the plus side it takes only minutes for refrigerated butter to become spreadable) The cool ocean usually seems quite far off and much of it is not good for swimming. Guitars fall in and out of tune, as due their bowed counterparts. The seemingly peaceful and soothing green tea field behind my door has been doused with fertilizer and the stench permeates the neighborhood. I've even developed a charming heat rash for which the pharamacist gave me something that seems to be a japanese version of icy/hot which is in no way effective, though I can maybe follow her reasoning. On the bright side those ungodly-big winged beetle things that live in the trees and bushes and wake me up every morning with their deafening, and undoubtedly useless, crawing, cricking vibration sounds have been dropping like mere flies. Of course there is more good here than just dead beetles, though each new sighting brings me a little joy, there will be time for that later. For now, just trust that tropical doesn't always equal pleasant.


Logos Mori said...

Matt! You continue to amuse and amaze with your adaptability. More kid stories please! 826 Seattle continues to keep on rockin' in the free world. Alice leaves next week. The Volunteer picnic/Mustache-a-thon kick-off is 8/26. Any thoughts about a Kakegawan mustache entry? -Alex

p.s. Baking soda (if you can find it)mixed with water in a paste will make your heat rash better!

Ryan said...

Yea, it has been hot and humid these past few days. It should start to cool down after the summer solstice.
The cicada or 'semi' that you hear will die soon enough, and it will be quiet once again. After being cooped up under ground for 17 years, they need to get out once in a while to party ;)

And if you're looking for baking soda, like your friend suggests, you can probably find it at Don Quixote.