Thursday, August 16, 2007

While in Tokyo I happened across the Meiji-jingu shrine while taking refuge from the crushing 95 degree heat. Located among a somewhat vast (133 acres in fact) wood oddly close to skyscrapers and upscale shops it is a a lovely place to stumble upon. Walking through the wooded park on the way to the shrine-I didn't actually know where it lead at the time-I gaped as I passed beneath the towering cyprus torii that mark the entrance to the shrine

I would have been quite satisfied with just the park but the shrine was a fitting place for the path to lead, beautfiful japanese cyprus buildings, a couple having a traditional marriage ceremony to one side, and a huge, leafy prayer tree in the center of it all.

After studying the prayer tree for a while, taking it's geometry and authenticity, I became reasonably satisfied with its effectiveness and then purchased a tablet to make my own wish. As someone had already wished for Dylan Sprouse to be their boyfriend-one should always be wary of competing wishes on the same tree-I decided to wish my dad a good birthday.

-happy birthday Dad-be there if I could.


Ryan said...

The word you were looking for is Saifu. (I took to always taking my electronic dictionary with me everywhere I go, just in case I forget a word, or if I don't know what someone is talking about.

Yea, Meji-jingu is really nice. If you get a chance, go to shinjuku, catch the Keio line to Takaosan. It's a nice climb, and, depending on the route you take, there is a huge shrine part way up.


zanzibar said...

What a cool birthday present! That shrine is amazing. And you let Monsieur Sprouse off the hook too. Love, Dad
(Wearing his 826 tee shirt on a sunny day in Snohomish)